14th AHO-CTO

Almost Hands On – Chronic Total Occlusion


The 14th AHO (Almost Hand’s On) workshop is about to start. Madrid welcomes you in this new edition of the meeting with the experts in chronic total occlusions (CTO).

AHO has the privilege to count again on the participation of 2 of world’s most experienced operators in CTO recanalization technique.

Treatment of a CTO continuously changes and evolves and thus, it requires a continuous learning and medical education. The spirit of the AHO is to learn from the experts those new technical tips and tricks that may improve the outcomes of the procedure.

The AHO-CTO Meeting  is an annual course focused on the treatment of chronic occlusions.

Live cases are performed by Spanish operators assisted by renowned experts such as Dr. Yamane, Dr. Tsuchikane, Dr. Kampaliotis.

Presentations are also given on new strategies, techniques and new devices dedicated to the treatment of CTO.


J. Escaned

J. Goicolea

M. Sabaté


D. Karmpaliotis
M. Yamane


J. A. Fernández Díaz
N. Gonzalo
A. Regueiro
P. Salinas

Venue & General Information

Date: April 11th & 12th 2024

Venue: Hospital Clínico San Carlos. C/ Profesor Martín Lagos, s/n. 28040 Madrid, Spain.

Meeting Language: The official language of the meeting is English.

Scientific Program: The scientific program will include live surgical procedures, scientific presentations, and case discussion sessions.

Organization Secretariat: We kindly ask you to contact Grupo Pacifico for any request related to the meeting.

Daily Agenda

9:00-9:15 Welcome
Javier Escaned, Nieves Gonzalo, Pablo Salinas, Manel Sabaté, Javier Goicolea.

9:15-9:45 Review of the cases from last edition
Ander Regueiro. H. Clinic Barcelona.

9:45-11:45 LIVE CASE 1A – H. Clínico San Carlos
Facilitators: Luis Teruel, Pablo Salinas, Aadrián Jerónimo
Operators: Masahisa Yamane / Nieves Gonzalo.

11:45-12:15 Coffee break + Meet the experts

12:15-13:15 CASE PRESENTATION – My new favorite tool, tip or trick
Moderators: Manel Sabaté / José Antonio Fernández

Javier Escaned. Calcium management in CTO PCI: Orbital atherectomy as the new kid on the block.
Gema Miñana – Turnpike Spiral makes it possible
Jose Antonio Fernández – Recross saves the day
Antonela Lukic – HD IVUS optimization of CTO PCI and follow-up Helena Tizón – Hybrid PCI (DES + DCB) in CTO.

13:15-13:30 LECTURE
Masahisa Yamane.


14:30-16:30 – LIVE CASE 2A – Hospital Clínico San Carlos / 3B – Puerta de Hierro.
Facilitators: Guillermo Galeote, Nieves Gonzalo, Jorge Chávez
2A) Operators Hospital clínico San Carlos: Bernat Serra / Pablo Salinas
3B) Operators: Hospital Puerta de Hierro: José Antonio Fernández

16:30-16:50 – LECTURE
Masahisa Yamane.

16:50-17:50 CASE PRESENTATION – High-risk patient and protected PCI
Moderators: Ander Regueiro / Javier Goicolea Alejandro Diego – ECMO protected CTO PCI
Juan Carlos Astorga – Last remaining vessel CTO PCI Oriol Rodríguez Leor – PostCABG complex CTO PCI Adrián Jerónimo – Impella protected CTO PCI.

18:00 Wrap-up and farewell

8:30 Day 2 welcome

8:40-9:00 LECTURE Investment procedure: pros, cons, and how to do it.
Ignacio Amat.

11:30-12:30 LIVE CASE 3A Hospital Clínico San Carlos / 3B Hospital Clinic Barcelona

Facilitators: Neus Salvatella, Nieves Gonzalo, Adrián Jerónimo
3A) Operators: Roberto Garbo / Javier Escaned.
3B) Operators: Ander Regueiro / Omar Abdul-Jawad.

11:30-12:30 CASE PRESENTATION – Complication prevention and management
Moderator: Pablo Salinas / Javier Escaned.
Jorge Sanz Perf – Papyrus fenestration in CTO PCI.
Fernando Rivero – Post CTO aneurysm crisis.
Juan Sanchez Rubio – Septal perforation, leave it or treat it?
Bernat Serra – I did not see this coming.

12:30-13:00 LECTURE Utility of Guiding Catheter Extensions in CTO PCI
Roberto Garbo.

13:00-13:15 Course wrap up

13:30-14:30 LUNCH

Our History

Since its inception in 2008, AHO-CTO has been a beacon of excellence, innovation, and collaboration in the field of healthcare.

What began as a modest gathering of medical professionals with a shared passion for advancing healthcare has evolved into an internationally recognized event, shaping the landscape of medical knowledge and practice.

Over the years, our congress has grown exponentially, attracting leading experts, and practitioners from across the globe.

Each annual gathering serves as a platform for the exchange of cutting-edge research, the dissemination of groundbreaking discoveries, and showcasing the latest advancements in diagnostics, therapeutics, medical devices, and healthcare delivery models.